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What is Equine Touch?

The Equine Touch is a non-diagnostic, non-invasive, gentle hands-on discipline that works on a complete holistic level, in that it addresses the equine as a whole without any particular focus in any individual problematic areas of the body. The Equine Touch is a technique using a series of unique, gentle moves performed in choreographed patterns over specific points on the body. There are pauses between some of the moves, called observation periods, which allows the horse time to recognize the input and process it.

The Equine Touch combines Western and Eastern philosophy. Western, in the sense that it actually addresses the body's soft tissue fascia and muscles, with the ability to release restricted fascia and hypertonic muscles, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, reduction in pain, and greater range of movement. Eastern, in that it is considered to be "energy focused" in that the moves directly relate to meridian lines and acupuncture points. addressing energy blockages and encouraging the flow of Ki (natural life force).

With the help of Equine Touch, the horse is able to find relaxation and balance at all levels to achieve the ideal state of homeostasis. When the horse is able to find this state of balance his own natural healing system has been proven to work at its maximum potential.

The Equine Touch is extremely compatible with allopathic, acupuncture, homeopathy, herbs, Bach flower remedies, chiropractic and osteopathic therapies. As a practitioner, other elements of influence must also be recognized and checked. Trimming, shoeing, saddle fitting, balanced riding, training, teeth, and nutrition are all equally important for the horse's long term emotional and physical health. If one or more is left untreated you will only be treating the symptoms and not the cause of the horse's pain.

Other than the obvious injury, the main cause of a performance horse being unable to work in harmony with its rider is often the rider. The more out of balance the rider is in the saddle, the greater the burden on the horse's sense of balance, Therefore, in addressing a performance horse, we must also address the rider.

Another problem that exists is called "character armor". The animal will store the emotional memory of it's injury within the soft tissue and wil not accept the fact that the injury has healed due to the constant resurfacing of that emotion and the memory of the pain associated with it. Equine Touch can help the horse release the memory from the tissue and promote physical and emotional healing.

The Equine Touch has already achieved credibility with horse owners, trainers, therapists, chiropractors and veterinary surgeons in all countries where it is taught. The results in competitive horses have been amazing and the ability for the horse to address a long-standing problem whether it be physical, emotional, neurological or behavioral has brought about even the most skeptical of equine doctors and therapists.

There is no horse too old or foal too young that cannot benefit from an ET session. Contact me to set up an appointment.